Preparing to Get A Divorce in the New Year: What Did We Learn in 2023?

by | Dec 1, 2023 | Divorce

Many people file for divorce early in the New Year. Some spouses use the holiday season as a last-ditch effort to see if their marriage is worth preserving, while others simply want to get through the holidays without thinking about their divorce daily. Whatever your circumstances may be, if you are thinking about filing for divorce in 2024, there is a lot you need to know.

Each year, we publish several articles on our blog that cover important issues and key considerations related to the divorce process in Arizona. This year was no exception. If you are getting ready to get divorced in the New Year, here are some free resources you can use to learn about the process:

Guide to Getting Divorced in Arizona

On New Year’s Day, we published a comprehensive guide to getting divorced in Arizona. This guide provides important information about several key aspects of the divorce process, from common mistakes that divorcing spouses need to avoid to setting reasonable expectations. It also includes links to some of our other resources for divorcing spouses, such as our Divorce Preparation Checklist and 10 Answers to Common Questions about Hiring a Divorce Lawyer in Arizona.

You can access our divorce guide here. While the guide references 2023, the resources and insights it contains remain relevant for spouses contemplating a divorce in 2024.

Hiring a Divorce Attorney to Assist You

Oftentimes, some of the first questions spouses have about getting divorced relate to hiring a divorce attorney. Do you really need an attorney? If so, do you and your spouse need separate attorneys, or can you hire a single attorney to help you complete the paperwork and move on?

In many cases, divorcing spouses will benefit from having separate legal representation. But, there are circumstances in which it makes sense to hire a single attorney as a mediator. To learn about the considerations involved, you can read: Do You and Your Spouse Each Need Your Own Attorney When Getting Divorced in Arizona?

Keeping Your Divorce Out of Court

Along with questions about hiring an attorney, many spouses also have questions about how they can keep their divorce out of court. They don’t want things to get contentious, and they don’t want to spend money on going to court when they could be saving that same money for the future.

Most divorces don’t end up in court. Even when spouses disagree about how to resolve their divorce initially, they will often be able to find a way to come to terms. Experienced legal representation can help, and working with a divorce attorney to avoid contentious disputes proactively can save you money in the long run. Learn more: How Can I Keep My Arizona Divorce Out of Court?

Pursuing an Uncontested Divorce in Arizona

One option for keeping your divorce out of court is to pursue an uncontested divorce. In an uncontested divorce, you and your spouse do all of the legwork upfront; then, when you file your divorce petition, you simply need the court to approve your divorce settlement agreement. This is becoming an increasingly popular choice for spouses who are willing to work together to bring their marriage to an end. With that said, pursuing an uncontested divorce requires both commitment and compromise, so it’s important to make sure this is the best choice for you. To learn more, you can read 10 Tips for Couples Considering an Uncontested Divorce in Arizona.

Dealing with Property-Related Issues in Your Divorce

While child custody, child support, and alimony are only relevant to some couples, all couples need to divide their marital assets during the divorce process. Under Arizona law, divorcing spouses must divide their marital assets 50-50 in most cases.

Of course, this is easier said than done. There are several steps involved in dividing spouses’ marital assets—from determining which of their assets are “marital” (as opposed to “separate”) to determining the value of their marital assets for divorce purposes. For some key insights on dealing with the property-related issues in your divorce, you can read:

Getting Ready for the Divorce Process

For many spouses, the most difficult part of the divorce process is taking the first step. Getting divorced is a big decision, and acknowledging that it is time to bring your marriage to a close can be emotionally challenging. But, once it’s time, taking the first step is the right thing to do—and, once you get started, you will most likely find that it isn’t as difficult as you’d expected.

While there are different places you can start, one option is to collect the documents you will need for your divorce. This is something that you can do at home on your own time. Here’s a checklist to help you start the process: What Documents Do You Need When Getting Divorced in Arizona?

Knowing What You Can Expect Along the Way

If you find yourself feeling anxious about the divorce process, learning what you can expect can help. Learning the basic terminology you’ll encounter during the process can help you feel more at ease as well. For an overview of the steps involved in the divorce process in Arizona, you can read our Arizona Divorce Roadmap: What To Expect Once You or Your Spouse Files for Divorce.

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