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Questions concerning child support in Arizona are resolved by applying the Arizona Child Support Guidelines, which provide specific answers based on each parent’s income, the number and ages of the children, and certain expenses related to special needs, health insurance, child care, and other factors.

Child support isn’t for the parents; it’s for the children and ensuring their needs are met. The courts have held the opinion that the purpose of child support is to “guarantee that the child(ren) enjoy the same standard of living that they would have had the parties never separated.” At the end of the day, both mother and father need to remember that child support isn’t spousal support.

If you’re unhappy with the number, have questions about existing child support, or require a modification due to unemployment, a change in income for you or the other party, etc. Contact us today so our Arizona child support lawyer can help you determine your correct child support obligation or award.

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Arizona Child Support

Calculating child support in Arizona can be tricky. Our child support lawyer in Phoenix and Tempe recommends to everyone who has questions about child support go to the Superior Court’s website and plug in their information to see the numbers.


Calculating A Figure

The Child Support Calculator
The Child Support Calculator is an interactive program that will calculate a child support amount. The purpose of this calculator is informational and educational only and does not constitute legal advice or guaranteed amounts. The amount of child support a court will order for any particular case may differ from the amount estimated by the calculator. The court has the final authority to determine the amount of child support awarded.

Which Child Support Calculator Should I Use?
The Arizona Child Support Guidelines calculate the support amount and follow the Income Shares Model. The Child Support Guidelines Project of the National Center for State Courts developed the model. Both parents’ incomes calculate the amount of child support one parent will pay the other household to financially support the children.



Influencers of Child Support

Although the Arizona Child Support Guidelines formula for calculating payments in many cases yields a result that neither spouse reasonably can dispute, the inputs into the formula can just as easily be subject to considerable argument as in the following situations:

  • Income/Employment: One or both parents are self-employed with fluctuating incomes.
  • Medical Expenses: Health care or medical expenses are unpredictable.
  • Child Care: Disputes as to the cost of child care, daycare, or after-school programs.
  • Insurance: The Parent who insures the children or has them covered under their plan will reduce the amount they owe in child support.
  • Other: The paying parent is also responsible for the care of his or her elderly parent, continuing support for children who are over the age of eighteen and are not out of high school, or are disabled and unable to care for themselves, etc.


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My name is Alex, and I was representing myself in court before hiring Adam Weingart. My son was removed from Arizona by his mother, who would not return or allow me to see him. After fighting for my rights for months, I learned that a man representing himself is a losing battle in family law. I contacted Adam very late in my case, about 6 weeks before I had a trial. He responded within hours, and we set a meeting within days. His professionalism and work ethic gave me the confidence to continue my fight. To make a long story short, I won my case and even came out of the situation with more than I asked for. Without Adam Weingart being by my side, I would have lost everything I was fighting for. I could never thank Adam enough for what he has done for me.”





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