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Divorce Lawyer Adam Weingart, Esq., believes first and foremost in communication and honesty. The honest truth is that marriage sometimes isn’t the fairy tale it’s made out to be; Divorce doesn’t have to be the nightmare it is made out to be either.

Let us work out the fine print, finances, legal and practical matters, and let you sleep a little easier.

What is a Contested Divorce?

When parties either do not agree to get a divorce but one party wants one, when parties agree to get a divorce but cannot decide on issues such as marital property division, spousal maintenance, etc.

What Is Uncontested Divorce?

When spouses agree to a divorce and they mostly know how to divide assets but need someone to explain the law and help navigate the process. It can also mean when one party does not want to participate, ultimately ending with the filing spouse being awarded everything they request.

Mediation vs. Trial

After a petition and response have been filed, the court will set a short hearing called a ‘Resolution Management Conference’ to assist the parties in coming to a resolution without further court intervention. On its own motion, the court will most likely order mediation to take place before the case can proceed any further. Here, the court either orders an “Alternative Dispute Resolution” conference to be set, or the parties are free to find a private mediator. Our divorce lawyer in Tempe, AZ, always suggests to clients that we take full advantage of this situation. It puts the power to negotiate and resolve the issues in the parties’ hands instead of relying on a judge to make an equitable division of assets following a dramatic trial. If a case has many issues and a lot of complex assets, a court-ordered mediator may not be enough. In those situations, a couple would do well to consider a private mediator seriously.


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If you are struggling with a family law issue, contact our divorce attorney Adam Weingart, Esq., today. We promise a compassionate approach to helping you in Tempe, Phoenix, and surrounding areas. 

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Child Custody

You need a child custody lawyer who understands that and can effectively communicate and advocate for you.


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Child Support

Feeling like you’re paying too much for child support? Not getting enough to help raise a child? Don’t worry. Child support lawyer Adam Weingart can help you.



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My name is Alex, and I was representing myself in court before hiring Adam Weingart. My son was removed from Arizona by his mother and she would not return him or allow me to see him. After fighting for my rights for months, I learned the hard way that in family law, a man representing himself is a losing battle. I contacted Adam very late in my case, about six weeks before I had a trial. He responded within hours and we set a meeting within days. His professionalism and work ethic gave me the confidence I needed to continue my fight. To make a long story short, I won my case and even came out of the situation with more than I asked for. I know that without Adam Weingart being by my side, I would have lost everything I was fighting for. I could never thank Adam enough for what he has done for me.





*Free consultations pertain to simple divorce and child custody matters only. Attorneys reserve the right to determine what facts or cases constitute a simple action. Free consultations do not include specific legal advice, but rather, go over broad legal concepts.

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